Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Need a Medic Here!

Clear! *BZZRT* You'll live buddy, now get back to the fight!


I swear this blag isn't dead... at least not anymore! I didn't have as much free time this summer as I was hoping for and started a number of posts that have yet to be finished: Joystick, Breaduino, Xbee, Servo Pan/Tilt, etc... Since classes have started, I will most likely be updating this blag a lot more frequently (weekly?) with my robotics findings.

I set up a separate blog for the class, but will only be posting reports and multimedia specific to the robot there. I'll still be using this blag for research and whatnot.

Also, just got a digital camera from Amazon. Nothing special, but expect to see clearer pictures and video from now on. If you're really lucky, I might just go back and update the old pictures and videos as well!


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